My Best Buddy

We all write/talk about our lovers, crushes, friends, exes, enemies & rarely we talk about our genuine admirers & best friends. They are probably the last ones who strikes our mind when it comes to writing down words of appreciation. HereI am after almost ages back with a new post about the most beautiful part of my life. My best buddy & my partner in crime Mr Olive aka the soldier boy.


Luckily I fell in love with my best friend. We have known each other for almost 13 years now but it’s been almost 5 years now that we have been in constant contact with each other. Both of us had our fair share of ups & downs but there wasn’t a thing I don’t want to change my past if ever given a chance.

Travelling aimlessly since 2012

“Olive” has always been the most beautiful & cherishable part of my life. The warmth I feel in my heart merely thinking about him is simple enough to let go of all the worries.

Maybe, he is the reason my life is so sorted & devoid of any problems. As humans, we two are completely different but still, we go on along really well.While I don’t like to walk, he loves walking.

  • I literally hate bikes & probably he loves them. I am afraid he might love his Royal Enfield more that me whenever he purchases one .grrr!
  • I am a shopaholic & he is extremely simple. If not in his uniforms, he prefers plain dark/grey t-shirt & jeans. Rather he often asks me to wear all my clothes in one go. Wrap around all my shoes across my neck & wear like a garland. According to him, I am not normal( read most useless being). Choosing what to wear & eventually ending up wearing pyjamas & loose tees.


  • He is an adventure freak unlike me. I love my comfort zone the most, maybe at times even more than him :D. 

This place will be way too small to jot down our differences. But Love connects us, friendship, fights, sharing, caring & kindness is what makes me love him even more than the previous day despite the distances.My life is extremely sorted & olive makes it even simpler.His perspective of viewing things is life is extremely substantial. Do what you like & don’t do what you things that you don’t.

The distance between us maybe 1500kms but distance b/w our hearts is 0. Because friendship requires no language to communicate. Loving someone in life is the easiest thing to do for both of us.





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