My Best Buddy

We all write/talk about our lovers, crushes, friends, exes, enemies & rarely we talk about our genuine admirers & best friends. They are probably the last ones who strikes our mind when it comes to writing down words of appreciation. HereI am after almost ages back with a new post about the most beautiful part of my life. My best buddy & my partner in crime Mr Olive aka the soldier boy.


Luckily I fell in love with my best friend. We have known each other for almost 13 years now but it’s been almost 5 years now that we have been in constant contact with each other. Both of us had our fair share of ups & downs but there wasn’t a thing I don’t want to change my past if ever given a chance.

Travelling aimlessly since 2012

“Olive” has always been the most beautiful & cherishable part of my life. The warmth I feel in my heart merely thinking about him is simple enough to let go of all the worries.

Maybe, he is the reason my life is so sorted & devoid of any problems. As humans, we two are completely different but still, we go on along really well.While I don’t like to walk, he loves walking.

  • I literally hate bikes & probably he loves them. I am afraid he might love his Royal Enfield more that me whenever he purchases one .grrr!
  • I am a shopaholic & he is extremely simple. If not in his uniforms, he prefers plain dark/grey t-shirt & jeans. Rather he often asks me to wear all my clothes in one go. Wrap around all my shoes across my neck & wear like a garland. According to him, I am not normal( read most useless being). Choosing what to wear & eventually ending up wearing pyjamas & loose tees.


  • He is an adventure freak unlike me. I love my comfort zone the most, maybe at times even more than him :D. 

This place will be way too small to jot down our differences. But Love connects us, friendship, fights, sharing, caring & kindness is what makes me love him even more than the previous day despite the distances.My life is extremely sorted & olive makes it even simpler.His perspective of viewing things is life is extremely substantial. Do what you like & don’t do what you things that you don’t.

The distance between us maybe 1500kms but distance b/w our hearts is 0. Because friendship requires no language to communicate. Loving someone in life is the easiest thing to do for both of us.





When I tried to cope up with his NDA Lingo

Hi, guys, A new day and a new post.

Okay, this goes back to the times when Olive was in NDA which stands for National Defense Academy, Khadakwasla a few years back getting trained hard and harder each day, struggling with himself and everything around him. Training at NDA is pretty hard and one is always rest deprived.

I might even get scolded for putting up this post for a few reasons and I have a perfect explanation intact with the points here

  • He doesn’t like to talk about work with me, we hardly get time to talk so whatever little time we have we talk about everything except work 😀 or fight rather.
  • He says it’s all confidential, but dude, I solemnly swear I will not get into the background details on how you are trained and stuff because honestly I really don’t know about it, giggle. All I know is that you ran a lot like hell, ate like hell and whatever little time you had, slept like hell.
  • He says it is restricted to put up photos or publicly write about the background details of the military or NDA/IMA etc. But I am writing about us Olive. Stop being mad at me beforehand.

Getting back to the topic, it all started five years back, I was in my college pursuing my engineering when we came in contact with each other again. Yes, we went to the same school in childhood, were seat partners, but we weren’t  like best friends. I mean we had good terms, but we had a different group of friends to hang out or play around with. Moral of the story is that we became friends eventually and he asked for my number just on the day he was leaving for NDA.

Once in a week or fortnight, he used to call me from his squadron landline. Call me dumb or whatever, but I had no freaking idea for over a year that the phone has an incoming too. But that wasn’t my fault at all. He kept on telling me all this while that they use some recharge coupon to call and I was just too naive to his lifestyle and LINGO so just couldn’t understand.

Here are a few anecdotes:

  • The TYPES: Everything becomes a type when in NDA, josh type, cycle type, school type, squadron type, shoe type and even Watch type for that matter. I found it very funny initially when he used these terms now and then but eventually I synced in.
  • Drinks: I realised that lassi is not only a drink, it is when you are having a leisure time (which is a distant dream), cold coffee at evening is “the drink “.
  • Putin” is a word which you will never find in any dictionary haha.He uses this term every single day.
  • Mode of transport: A bicycle is called a bike.For once when he told me I couldn’t resist but giggle.
  • When Food is not food: Unfortunately, a cream roll is not something you get to eat on regular basis. It’s a rolling punishment a cadet receives during his junior terms.I was more amused than shocked when during one of his junior terms he told me that he did a cream roll today and me instantly sarcastically asked him to use correct grammar eventually trolling myself with my own words.
  • The Cadets are addressed with Ikki, Dukki, Tikki, Chauke, Panje and Chakke according to their terms(I am not mistaken here I hope, feel free to correct me ).IKKI DUKKI sounded so funny initially and a humorously blunt human like me found it very creative.Only once I name a person “bulb” in my entire 22 years of existence.
  • Learning an acronym a week: During our landline conversations, there were times when he uttered so many ACRONYMS  unintentionally.ML is Moral lecture, JLT is just like that, DLTGH is Days left to go home.
  • Seventh heaven is a punishment.Just like don’t book a judge by its cover, never even try to decode a fauji lingo on your own.It’s better to ask.Politely ask.There had been so many times when I tried to decode his lingo and ended up making fun of myself.
  • Liberty love: A normal outing in common term is liberty in NDA.For that matter, I think he loved liberty over me. 😀
  • Learning his mood:  I am either in a good mood, bad mood, super excited mood or sleep mood but he suffered from “midterm mood” syndrome.It is a relaxation time where cadets get small 3-4 days break between a term, which means no punishment time.Yayy!! The best of times we shared were Midterm vacations because  Midterm meant a daily phone call or if I got lucky a mail or text.

The best one I saved for the last: During his second year at NDA and tikki(third term) to be precise he was out at liberty to Pune when we had a conversation which goes-

Pink: Hey did you listen to the song I emailed you?

Olive: Yes, it’s  ‘ulti’  yaar .

(Thinking and shocked, “Did he just called my favourite song ulti(puke)”ergh !!)

Pink: Oh common, it’s good and I love Coldplay.You don’t have to puke over it.Pagal khi ka

Olive:  haha is ultimate and not puke as you take it.Not your fault, would you know it anyways lol again 😀

Pink 😀 don’t talk to me ever again .

Not only these but there is much more which I don’t recall at the moment.But I learnt them all. It took time but I eventually imbibed them somehow managing to understand his cryptic lingo. But by the time I was a pro, he became an ex NDA.


Being young and in love with a Soldier

Being young and in love is an exquisite feeling but being young and in love with a soldier is something which only a few can relate to.I am bad at expressing the exact feel so I always preferred jotting them down in my diary and now I’ll write them here.Write my heart out thus saving paper and time. Yes, I type faster than I write now.:).

I am a civilian girl completely unaware of the army world until that one random day of summer I got nudged by a long lost friend. Little did I realised that soon he will make me a part of fauji fraternity if not directly(no we are too young to marry hahaha) but indirectly by making me fall in love with him.It’s been 5 yrs from that day to this day .5 pure years of absolute annoyance and bliss.It’s been one hell of a journey and a mixed bag of feelings.I never felt a gush of emotions like love, anger, pain, hatred, smile at the same time.

So finally Hiii! guys. This is pink. A 20 something absolutely normal girl who loves her olive. By olive I mean my boyfriend/best friend is a soldier serving the army now.

There are innumerable times when things get very difficult for him and I don’t feel like sharing it with my friends.The problem being I’m an introvert and also my friends will always suggest me to leave the guy for he isn’t worth time and energy but somehow I can’t.Deep down I know that he adores me too.So this seems to be the best platform to write/talk my heart out and feel good.

Only a few can understand how it feels to be with a fauji :).It is difficult but the feeling is beautiful.

As I jot down these words he must be sitting with his CO and seniors.  Being the junior most in his unit has it’s own disadvantages which not only him but I suffer too at times.I have so many stories to say, infinite feelings to express and what not.

Love to u and him.