Why can’t you flirt?

Often I complain Olive of being so insensitive and inexpressive.Not treating me right and loving me the way I deserve to be.Also, he never flirted with me even before he proposed to me. Actually, I have no idea what flirting is like. Once I asked my friend in college to which she replied, “Complementing unnecessary, showing interest blah blah comprises of flirting”.I was pretty clear then that he never does any of it.Even today. He is pathetic at it.

Most of the times (90%) he stays quiet saying he do whatever he can but due to time constraint he cannot always be around.

Pink: You don’t love me anymore.You will love soon to be delivered bike more than me I think.

Olive: No, I do but I am just so short of time right now.Please understand and bear with me.

Pink: I hate you for not flirting with me all these years.

Olive: Betu I am ”SAINIK SCHOOL TYPE.I have no clue how to flirt.At times I compliment you, I know it’s rare but you look good in whatever you wear, even without your hair combed. 

Pink: Okay I got it! It’s not your fault.You are stupid 😀

Love and friendship is all about accepting one another for who we are :).Nomatter how much I fight or nag him for  not loving me. I  know deep down he cares ,he really do .And there are times during out fight that he says something so silly that I couldn’t resist myself from loving him more.Even with him the stangest of fights turn out to be a Laugh out loud moment . :)Which not only I but also Olive will remember for the rest of our lives.






Being young and in love with a Soldier

Being young and in love is an exquisite feeling but being young and in love with a soldier is something which only a few can relate to.I am bad at expressing the exact feel so I always preferred jotting them down in my diary and now I’ll write them here.Write my heart out thus saving paper and time. Yes, I type faster than I write now.:).

I am a civilian girl completely unaware of the army world until that one random day of summer I got nudged by a long lost friend. Little did I realised that soon he will make me a part of fauji fraternity if not directly(no we are too young to marry hahaha) but indirectly by making me fall in love with him.It’s been 5 yrs from that day to this day .5 pure years of absolute annoyance and bliss.It’s been one hell of a journey and a mixed bag of feelings.I never felt a gush of emotions like love, anger, pain, hatred, smile at the same time.

So finally Hiii! guys. This is pink. A 20 something absolutely normal girl who loves her olive. By olive I mean my boyfriend/best friend is a soldier serving the army now.

There are innumerable times when things get very difficult for him and I don’t feel like sharing it with my friends.The problem being I’m an introvert and also my friends will always suggest me to leave the guy for he isn’t worth time and energy but somehow I can’t.Deep down I know that he adores me too.So this seems to be the best platform to write/talk my heart out and feel good.

Only a few can understand how it feels to be with a fauji :).It is difficult but the feeling is beautiful.

As I jot down these words he must be sitting with his CO and seniors.  Being the junior most in his unit has it’s own disadvantages which not only him but I suffer too at times.I have so many stories to say, infinite feelings to express and what not.

Love to u and him.